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I create because I believe hope offers us a new perspective on everything. And unfortunately, it seems like hope is much needed to help us weather these chaotic days. I grew up in the church, learning all the right things to do, and all the wrong things not to do, with the hopes that life would go as I desired. Well, it hasn’t. And so I’m left trying to make sense of my faith journey—was there something wrong with me, or perhaps, something wrong with what I was taught about how God works?

I currently live in Minneapolis, but I lived in Nashville for almost 25 years, and saw the rise and fall of many people’s dreams. I studied the entertainment industry and how it works (and doesn’t). I’ve gone after my own dreams and have been met with both incredulous silence and incredible success. I’ve had my songs find audiences all over the world, I’ve acted on national television and in a handful of movies. I’ve had my writing published in dozens of magazines and online sites, and have written several books (some for others, and a couple for myself!). And the radio version of my Live Hope Minute is heard in 300 radio markets around the U.S. and Canada.

I’m learning that it’s not my job to determine how people are going to respond to what I do, but to be faithful to creatively and courageously communicating hope to the world around me. Sometimes it’s through a written blog post, but it might be a video I find, a song I write, or a photo I take. Sometimes it’s just with a smile across the counter at a stranger working hard to serve others. The possibilities are endless—that’s why I’m going to keep exploring, looking for hope. And then living it.

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Mark Smeby
I'm a Mpls-based creative guy. I do a weekly newsletter, "Saving My Faith" podcast, and the "Live Hope Minute" radio feature, NOW AVAILABLE here on Substack! Info on more resources including my music and books available at