Can We Agree On A Jesus Kind of Love?

January 2023

Could I Ask You For A Favor To Help Spread the Word?
My new song “Jesus Kind of Love” releases all over the globe this Friday (1/17) and I’d love to ask you a favor to help me out. But first, let me tell…
You know what I absolutely love? BEING ALIVE. Let me tell you why I do, and ask you to ponder how you might answer some of these questions.
Have you come up with a word for 2023 yet? I like the idea of doing that, even if it’s a temporary signpost to guide me through these initial days of…
Happy New Year to you! I love the opportunity a new year provides to reflect and also look ahead…perhaps to cast a new vision for how you’d like your…

December 2022

I love this particular time of year, this quiet place between December 25th and January 1st. For me, the days of this week are a special time of…
Seeing the Greater Purpose Behind Our Struggles
How Gratitude Uncovers the Hope of Christmas
And details about a fun new chat feature!

November 2022

It's My Birthweek and I'll Party If I Want To
Uncovering a Remedy For the False Disease of Scarcity