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Dominic Done - A Flourishing Life

Uncovering A Way To Thrive Regardless of Your Circumstances

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Mark Smeby
My faith has taken quite a beating over the years...but I still want to hang on to it. Organized religion can be a messy and painful mistress—promising love and connection, and instead offering hypocrisy and shame. There’s still so much excellent wisdom within Christianity that can truly revolutionize our world. I want to help fight through the clutter and find the really good stuff. I want to save my faith, and maybe help save yours, too.
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Episode 4 - Pastor Dominic Done, author of Your Longing Has A Name: Come Alive to the Story You Were Made For and founder of pursuingfaith.org.

My guest today is Pastor and Author Dominic Done – Dominic is founder of Pursuing Faith and author of When Faith Fails and his brand new book, Your Longing Has A Name: Come Alive to the Story You Were Made For. This new book is about God’s beautiful vision for your soul: how the deepest part of you can flourish, even (and especially) through difficult times.

KEY QUESTION: What do I need to do to flourish as I’ve been created to do?

I met Dominic after I narrated the audiobook for Your Longing Has A Name. I absolutely loved his authentic and humble vibe mixed with a profound message of hope…and had to write and tell him that. And here we are today chatting.

With a master's in theology from the University of Oxford, he has served as a pastor in Portland, Oregon; North Carolina; and Hawaii. Dominic has also taught English for companies in Europe, lectured in theology and history at various Christian colleges, worked as a radio DJ, and lived as a missionary in Vanuatu and Mexico.

The video of this full interview can be seen on YouTube here.

From the publisher, about Your Longing Has A Name:

How is the health of your soul? Is the deepest part of you flourishing—or is it languishing and gasping for air? Life lately has been filled with exhausting challenges: personal loss, political division, economic turmoil, faith deconstruction, and isolation. And our soul feels it.

Yet in the face of uncertainty, the Bible assures us we can thrive inwardly. Jesus promised his followers the abundant life. But how do we find it? How can we flourish in difficult times?

In Your Longing Has a Name, author Dominic Done casts a beautiful vision of hope during a time of crisis and confusion and helps us find ways for our soul to come alive.

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Books by Dominic:
Your Longing Has A Name - Amazon
When Faith Fails: Finding God in the Shadow of Doubt - Amazon

Quotes by Dominic Done Mentioned:

“Soul-weariness is often a symptom of desire.”

“Flourishing flows from identity. If you want your soul to thrive, first accept who you are: passionately loved and relentlessly pursued by God. Then you can step into the story of who you were meant to be.”

“The starting point of flourishing isn’t exclusion; it’s embrace. Flourishing isn’t something you earn because you’re driven. It’s something you receive because you’re loved.”

“Jesus made it staggeringly simple. The way to become a flourishing, whole, beautiful human is through receiving and practicing the gift of love.”

“Agape [love] intentionally pursues those you would label a Samaritan—those who aren’t a part of your politics, network, or tribe. It’s the people who grate against your nerves and irritate you, who you’d rather avoid at the office or leave ghosted online. You know, the person who, when you hear they’ll be at the party, gives you plenty of reason not to go. Those are the people God has called you to love.”

“Here then is our calling and the secret to a flourishing soul: Live in love. Pursue the wanderer. Embrace the fearful. Rescue the orphan. Bind up the wounds of the fallen. Call the outsider your neighbor. Show mercy to the doubter. Welcome the homeless home. Lavish grace on the sinner. Live so your love makes nonbelievers question their disbelief in God.”

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