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Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Mark! You're so organized in your writing so it's making so much sense to me. How to define success is something I've been pondering about recently, too. I'm turning 50 this year so I'm realizing that I need to accept that not all things I wished for in life will come true. I can't have another person's life but can only live my own life. And as you've written often, it's not productive to be complaining about the cards that's been dealt to you but better to choose how to play the cards you have been dealt with.

I was decluttering my office the other day and seeing some papers and projects that I've stored up to get to eventually, I'm realizing now I probably won't get to most of the things I've told myself I'll do later on. I really need to focus my energy on what God has called me to do rather than be cluttered with all the things that might be good and interesting for me to check out but just not the one purpose God's called me to work on.

I love your new song!

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