Apr 12, 2022 • 48M

Josh Scott - You Are Not A Mistake

Exploring What It Means to Be Progressive, Inclusive, and Biblical

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Mark Smeby
My faith has taken quite a beating over the years...but I still want to hang on to it. Organized religion can be a messy and painful mistress—promising love and connection, and instead offering hypocrisy and shame. There’s still so much excellent wisdom within Christianity that can truly revolutionize our world. I want to help fight through the clutter and find the really good stuff. I want to save my faith, and maybe help save yours, too.
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Episode 3 - Pastor and Author Josh Scott of GracePointe Church, Nashville, TN

Have you ever wanted to have a conversation with a pastor of an inclusive, welcoming, progressive church? Like, just to see what they’re thinking about the Bible and which loopholes they’ve chosen to cling to in order to justify their radical beliefs? (Spoiler alert: there aren’t any!) I wanted to get to the bottom of this controversial (to many) theology that, to me, appears deeply, deeply rooted in helping people understand their belovedness and then finding beautiful ways to live that out to the world.

Many of you have been told you’re a mistake, you’re not good enough to hang out with us, you don’t have it all together like we believe you should. I’m here today to tell you that there’s still a place for you, for us. There are still communities of people all over the place that are committed to loving and caring for people in ways that maybe you’ve never experienced.

There is still so much in Christianity that I believe can truly revolutionize our world. I want to help fight through the clutter and find the really good stuff. I want to save my faith…and maybe help save yours, too.

I’m excited to invite you into this conversation with Josh Scott. You can listen by clicking the audio above or in any podcast app you currently use. Just search for “Saving My Faith.”

Watch the full, unedited version of our conversation on YouTube here!

Josh Scott pastors GracePointe Church in Nashville, Tennessee. I am fascinated by how knowledgeable Josh is about the Bible, and how he finds super compelling ways to reveal new insights about Jesus and the Scriptures. He’s also very funny and deliciously irreverent in ways that I can really get behind. GracePointe’s website says they are an inclusive spiritual community seeking to live out a more just and generous Christianity. [They] think that faith is less about doctrines and dogmas demanding total agreement, and more about a life to be lived, enjoyed, and shared with others. What unites [them] is a growing awareness that life is a gift and love is the point. [They] want to learn how to love better, and share that with the world. [They] welcome the entire human family regardless of race, age, creed, physical abilities, marital or economic status, gender identity, or sexual orientation.


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GracePointe Church in Nashville, TN

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