May 24, 2022 • 55M

Mason Mennenga - Learning To Trust Your Heart

Traveling the Journey of Deconstruction with Hope

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Mark Smeby
My faith has taken quite a beating over the years...but I still want to hang on to it. Organized religion can be a messy and painful mistress—promising love and connection, and instead offering hypocrisy and shame. There’s still so much excellent wisdom within Christianity that can truly revolutionize our world. I want to help fight through the clutter and find the really good stuff. I want to save my faith, and maybe help save yours, too.
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Episode 6 - Twitter Personality and Podcast Host Mason Mennenga

GOAL: Guide people to a better understanding of what it means to deconstruct their faith—and how it’s a good thing. And explore ways that we can get along better with those who might believe differently than us.

KEY QUESTION: Is there really one right way to be a Christian?

My guest is aspiring theologian, Twitter celeb, and podcast host, Mason Mennenga. He received his Master of Divinity from Christian Theological Seminary in 2020 and just defended his thesis for his Master of Arts in Theology at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities. He is the podcast host of A People’s Theology as well as The BlackSheep Podcast: Presented by HM Magazine.

I love finding people on the Internet who intelligently put words on things that I have been thinking or feeling—especially when I thought I was the only one. It’s literally healing to find out other people have been thinking and feeling similar thoughts, in particular, about religion, and how people live out their faith in so many different ways. Is there actually one right way to be a Christian? People like Mason Mennenga make me feel less strange…or perhaps, a better way to put it is, he makes me feel more okay with being strange.

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He hosts the podcasts “A People’s Theology: Exploring theologies that inspire and liberate” (listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts) and “The BlackSheep Podcast: A podcast for those who wⒶnder in music, faith, culture, and everything in between” (listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Spreaker).

Youtube: @masonmennenga

Twitter: @masonmennenga

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