May 4, 2022Liked by Mark Smeby

I agree some churches have neglected the command to love in favor of filling pews. However, Jesus did give us an agenda to make disciples of all nations. As witnesses of God's work in us we are to serve/love as well as proclaim that love is from God!

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May 5, 2022Liked by Mark Smeby

I love the direction you are taking, Mark, with Church as a Place of Adventure. Our Church has undergone some amazing transformations since the covid two years, with an on-line 'campus', an outreach supper church in another community, holding a fledging church in a movie theatre, and back to three services on Sunday with mid-week prayer services. There are several active ministries as well in our community. Holy Spirit is guiding these efforts to reach out to people. Certainly don't take Church attendance, freedom to worship, or speak for granted any more. Just being able to meet in person is such a Blessing! Keep up these posts. I do have your devotional and it is excellent.

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