Saving My Faith Podcast

My faith has taken quite a beating over the years...but I still want to hang on to it. Organized religion can be a messy and painful mistress—promising love and connection, and instead offering hypocrisy and shame. There’s still so much excellent wisdom within Christianity that can truly revolutionize our world. I want to help fight through the clutter and find the really good stuff. I want to save my faith, and maybe help save yours, too.

Welcome To the "Saving My Faith" PodcastOuça agora (3 min) | About This Podcast I want to hang onto my faith…even though it’s taken quite a beating over the years. Organized religion can be a…
Mason Mennenga - Learning To Trust Your HeartOuça agora (55 min) | Traveling the Journey of Deconstruction with Hope
John Fugelsang - Finding Jesus in a Morass of ReligionOuça agora (45 min) | The UnChristlike-ness of Fundamentalism
Dominic Done - A Flourishing LifeOuça agora (44 min) | Uncovering A Way To Thrive Regardless of Your Circumstances
Josh Scott - You Are Not A MistakeOuça agora (48 min) | Exploring What It Means to Be Progressive, Inclusive, and Biblical
Krispin Mayfield - Coming Home To Where You're LovedOuça agora (29 min) | Ep. 2 of My New Conversation Series with Author of "Attached to God"
Krispin Mayfield - Seeing God As HealerOuça agora (39 min) | First Episode of My New Conversation Series With Author of "Attached To God"
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